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    [VIDEO] Younis Khan drops out of the Level 3 Coaching Course in Lahore

    Pakistan’s greatest Test batsman Younis Khan, who had decided to pursue a career in coaching after participating in a Level 3 Coaching Course in Lahore, is now returning to Karachi after he was asked to stay in the room of a senior management official.

    The leading runs scorer for Pakistan tweeted a video of him, revealing the irresponsible act of the National Cricket Academy’s staff in Lahore.

    “I have arrived here in Lahore at the National Cricket Academy (NCA). As you all know I am here to take part on Level 3 course. But bad luck is that, when I reached here, there was no information about me,” Younis said in a video message.

    “I came here after receiving a mail from NCA, in which it was written that it will be an honour for us if you participate in this training pregame. This message motivated me and led me to here.”

    “When I arrived, I was asked to stay in this room for a night, which belongs to a senior management official. I can’t stay here without permission, so I have decided to travel back to Karachi.”

    “I can’t take part in the course, where I was asked to share other’s room. It is an embarrassment for Younis Khan,” he added.

    Younis, who retired from the Test cricket last year after becoming the country’s most successful Test cricketer with 10,099 runs, was asked to participate in the course. It is being organized by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and will be conducted by Australians.

    Former Test-spinner Akram Raza is also participating in this course. Back in 2011, the PCB removed Raza, who was then an umpire in Pakistan’s domestic matches, from umpiring after he was arrested on charges of betting on Indian Premier League matches.

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