OK so it's the start of the cricket season, which means it's time for us all to come together in this safe space where we can vent about how unfair cricket is and how we'll do better next week.

Had a friendly on Saturday and made a majestic six runs. Creamed a classy James Vince cover drive for four which was followed up by a tame pull to square leg

First competitive match is this Saturday, we'll see if it gets any better.

So let's have it, what are your goals for the season, have you played any games, how have they gone so far etc. etc.

@Rana @rahulrulezz @Suleiman @Kiri @mastersaan10

Oh and of course, time for more excuses from this guy:

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Am going to return next summer @Big Mac to end your career for good
Come to the nets and get your phainty