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    PCB accepts Mohammad Hafeez's explanation regarding criticism of ICC protocols [Update Post #72]

    Mohammad Hafeez speaking in an interview today:

    "This has a lot to do with the power of the boards" : Hafeez when asked about the constant failing and passing of his action and effect on him

    "At a lot of places there are relations between people which no one wants to spoil"

    "What I say is that if there is a rule, then why not implement it on all bowlers in the world"

    "When I was called for my action and went for my test, I was told that I was bowling with 16/17/18 degrees bend"

    "What puzzled me was that how could the naked eye see the difference between 15 and 16 degrees?"

    "There are other bowlers out there who are bowling with 25 & 30+ degrees [extension] but they have not been called for their actions"

    "The whole process of calling bowlers for their actions is a suspicious one and beyond one's understanding"

    "They could spot my action moving from 15 to 16 degrees but they cannot see those with 25, 30 or even 35+ degree actions?"

    "Those making statements about my batting, let me tell them that I have 11,000 Intl runs"

    "They are right when they say that if Mohammad Hafeez cannot bowl, he does not deserve a place in the team but, then only those players who are bowlers should take my place; if they happen to be batsmen and my batting average is better than this is a question mark on such statements"
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