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    "Imam-ul-Haq has proved to all that his selection was fair and justified" : Najam Sethi

    Najam Sethi speaking on TV today:-

    "Inzamam must be very happy now"

    "There is always negativity [about team selection] but what I know is that Inzamam is a very fair person"

    "Inzamam knows that he has a huge responsibility [on his shoulders]"

    "Believe me when I saw Imam play, I have seen a lot of maturity in him"

    "Imam has proved to all that his selection was fair and justified"

    "Look there is commercialization fee everywhere [in sport]"

    "If some non-profit organization wants to hold a tournament then obviously we will not charge them [any fees]"

    "But if there is profitability in a tournament, its been shown on TV, there are advertisements etc, then that means that some revenue is being earned as well"

    "We all know that wherever there is trade and commerce, there are fees and taxes charged"

    "If a party comes along which wants to hold a tournament for game development then I as Chairman have the discretion to waive fees"

    "I apologize that things take so long to make such decisions [about NOC fees etc]"

    "Our hopes have been raised but there are a things to worry about as well [about upcoming England series]"

    "The issues is that our openers are not performing"

    "This creates a lot of pressure on the middle order and as we saw, even the middle order collapsed"

    "This is a big issue for us and if our openers failed to perform [against England] then that will become a big problem for us"

    "Mickey Arthur and Sarfaraz Ahmed will need to think about how to strengthen the opening slots so that they can post 60-70 runs"

    "These are Test matches we are playing, not T20s; in such a format, losing 2-3 wickets in the first 3-4 overs is very dangerous"

    "Apart from that, I see that this team has a fighting spirit in it, they are motivated to win, there are no groupings in the team and captain's word is respected"

    "Ireland are ready to discuss touring Pakistan and there have been some discussions but our problem is that we have no slot free at the moment"

    "Its very expensive to play a home series in England"

    "The wickets [in England] also do not suit us"

    "This is why UAE and Pakistan suit us and we have also seen Malaysia which suits us too"

    "Its decided that our series against New Zealand and Australia are in UAE but we have some little issues with the UAE"

    "Our issue with UAE is that we don't want any other T20 League to be played when our series are happening"

    "The reason for that is that as is less people come to watch our Test matches and if another league starts at same time, then that will cause a conflict of interest"

    "We have asked UAE board that during period October-March they should not allow others to hold leagues/matches "

    "This is a problem as Afghanistan want to hold a league"

    "If an agreement cannot be reached then we have asked New Zealand /Australia that we could play the series in Malaysia"

    "Infact New Zealand /Australia prefer Malaysia as that is closer to them in terms of travel"

    Najam Sethi was asked why Hasan Ali was allowed to congratulate M Amir on his 100 wickets via social media

    "I am not aware of a change in policy (regarding use of social media during tours etc)"

    "If this wasn't allowed before and this is happening, this means that someone must have given permission"
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