Mickey Arthur speaking to Ian Ward after England beat Pakistan in the second Test at Headingley:

"Incredibly disappointed, that was a poor display from us. Coming off such a high at Lord's, we're all about trying to get the consistency right and about trying to get us playing in the right style and manner, so incredibly disappointed with what we've dished up here"

"We'll talk about it and have a hard discussion about it. But the dressing room is gutted and if we learn from this, it's a young team and we can grow, and grow quicker"

"We are trying to grow, it's a young dressing room and the guys are feeling what it's like to play tough Test cricket over an extended period. There's a lot of guys that haven't done that, only four have been in England before"

"Our expectation is still more and these guys will take it in the chin and hopefully grow and learn from it"

"Inconsistency is one of the things that comes with a young team, however hard that is to take for all of us at the moment"

"What the batsmen did right at Lord's is that they were patient, they committed to their defence and attack and showed intent. We got the balance wrong here, we weren't as disciplined and patient"

"We won what was a fairly good toss, there was always going to be something in the wicket but we had to get through a session and a half, then the sun came out and the conditions became really good for batting later in the day"

"If we got a big score, we could've put them under pressure but we could never do that at 180"

"The key thing we're going to discuss is that a number of batsmen got starts but didn't get hundreds, for us to grow as a team, we need someone in that top six getting hundreds consistently"

"The Buttler chance was massive, we knew the time it went down, it had the potential to be big and it was. I thought Shadab had bowled a good spell till then and it would've capped it off so nicely, in terms of the confirmance for him that he belongs as this level but it happens"

"I thought we fielded and caught well, I think we've done many things right in this series, just disappointed at the eventual outcome"

"I can't fault the players' effort, the way they've worked, they're hungry and determined and want to do well for Pakistan. Most of the players have advanced their cause and it confirms that we're on the right track. Yeah, we need to dish out a couple of hidings tonight but that's how they grow"

"The talent in the dressing room is phenomenal, we've just got to get the consistency back and that's what we're striving for as a coaching team"