Mickey Arthur speaking about the fitness standards and yoyo tests in a PCB video:

"When I started my tenure here with Pakistan, we had a look at what we needed to improve and one of the things that we drastically needed to improve was the standard of fitness."

"Standard of fitness doesn't guarantee performance but what it guarantees is the ability to concentrate for longer periods; it allows the batsmen to turn good 40s into very good 70s, 80 and hundreds because their concentration span lasts a lot longer and that is really important for us in the heat. It also allows our bowlers to bowl longer, more sustained spells and their comeback spells being a lot better."

"That was an aspect that myself and the management team had a look at, and Grant Luden has implemented standards for us. These standards are so important because they become a discipline, they show passion and commitment to play for your country. The standards are showing in players' performances and are making them a lot better and a lot more consistent. Grant Luden has been outstanding in driving this culture."

"What Grant had a look at was all the players' stats. The 17.4 that we came to was certainly not a thumb suck. We started a bit lower at 17.1 and we've gradually increased the minimum standard to 17.4. We've done that for a few reasons. Because of the information that Grant collated over a period of 2 years, it showed that 17.4 was the level at which players could recover and maintain their standard of play for a longer period. The recovery aspect for us was vitally important because it meant that guys could back up day after day in Test cricket. But also, when there's one day cricket so close, it meant that guys could back up from one game to the next. That's how we got to 17.4."

"The culture at 17.1 was good. We had a couple of players that battled to make it. As we've increased it, the fitness levels have got better and better so the culture in the team has become one, that the players know what the minimum standards are. We are uncompromising with these minimum standards. If you don't reach the minimum standard, irrespective of who you are - you don't get to play for Pakistan. That's not a threat - What it is, is that it shows a player's commitment and we know when we take players into the field, they're ready and fit enough to sustain the pressures and rigours of Test match, one day and T20 cricket."

"The thing with yoyo tests is that we have three tests that the players technically go through. The testing being their skin-folds, which tells us about their diet and how they've looked after themselves and how they've managed themselves away from us. What they've eaten, are they eating the correct food. Nutrition and diet plays a massive role and that comes out in skin-folds. Every player has their own skin-folds target which Ludes does on an individual basis with every player."

"We also do the 2km time trial which is an important one. I know some teams use it as a little bit of a yardstick. We settled on something very simple and very easy. Ludes will tell you that the easiest way to manage in terms of cardio, durability but also in terms of pace and agility is the yoyo test. That's why we settled on the yoyo test."

"Ludes keeps looking at what is best and what is best practice and he will alter that as we get further and further into the piece."