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    The strategy had worked to perfection against another dominant left-handed scorer by the name of Alastair Cook BUT in the U.A.E.

    Misbah was a very astute captain who was gifted with the ability of defensive warfare. However, he failed to take into account the distinct difference of terrane in Australia compared to that of the United Arab Emirates. Also, not being bold enough to take harsh decisions such as dropping YK or adding a pace-bowling all-rounder.

    Where as in the UAE, the opposition looks to defend against the spin, slowly smothering it with a closed face of the bat, and grind out a two-per-over Run Rate over the course of two days (ideally), it is the opposite in Australia.

    A lot of people will say that the pitches did not offer spin, which is true if compared to the ones in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah. However, for a SCG or MCG pitch, it certainly offered enough turn and drift, as early as Day Three!

    The difference was intent. Where as Cook would leave the occasional half-volley outside off-stump, Warner relished it as an opportunity to put pressure on Pakistan’s match-winner. He was relentless, scoring three centuries I believe along with Steve Smith. Part of the Australian plan for Yasir was to punish him for his negative line and score at least four or more runs-per-over.

    Yet the most horrifying thing about the entire facade was Yasir publicly having to accept that he chose to bowl the leg-side line. As a professional leg-spin bowler for a decade, Yasir can understand comprehensively when a batsman is in rhythm against a certain line or length. For him to continue, would simply be against everything he has been taught and or practiced in his career. Yet he took it for his captain, proving his unwavering loyalty to him. Due to that unfateful tour, Yasir now averages close to 30 where as before he was averaging close to 26.
    If a captain is using a strategy used in middle east in AU where wickets have bounce and not as abrasive, then I can only shake my head on these VETERANS leadership.

    As far as Cook is concerned, if he had faced legspin bowling in AU, I assure you that this leg stump line would not work on him there as well. In UAE, bounce is low and slow. Ball does not come on to that which throws off the timing of batsmen more accustomed to faster wickets and stroking a ball. Sometime the wicket is so docile on the first day of a test, it is hard to deal the unexpected bounce and slow spin. Of course one can play tricks all day in that case.

    In AU to get wickets, bowlers have to pick a line middle or just off the middle to maximise the chance of getting wickets including LBWs. This strategy may work on a tailender may be if ball is spinning much.
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