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    Oct 2004
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    If Pakpattan DPO was transferred on someone's instructions, there will be trouble: CJP

    The Supreme Court on Friday initiated proceedings in a case pertaining to the sudden transfer of the District Police Officer (DPO) Pakpattan under controversial circumstances.

    Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar had on Thursday taken suo motu notice of the transfer of former Pakpattan DPO Rizwan Gondal, allegedly over an altercation with citizen Khawar Fareed Maneka, ex-husband of First Lady Bushra Imran.

    The chief justice had ordered Punjab Inspector General (IG) Kaleem Imam, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Abu Bakar Khuda Buksh, Sahiwal’s regional police officer (RPO) and the Pakpattan DPO to appear before the Supreme Court at 9:30am today along with the inquiry report.

    "What's the story?" Chief Justice Saqib Nisar asked as he began hearing the case on Friday morning. "Why has the entire nation been obsessed with it for the last five days?"

    According to the media's reporting of the reasons behind Gondal's transfer, relying on several unsubstantiated reports, the officer was allegedly transferred for refusing to apologise in person to Khawar Maneka over an altercation between Maneka and police officials.

    The altercation was said to be over an incident involving Khawar Maneka and the Pakpattan police. Late on August 23 or early August 24, Khawar Maneka was flagged to stop at a security picket in Pakpattan by police, but he allegedly refused and raced ahead. The police had subsequently chased him down and forced him to stop, after which harsh words were exchanged between the two parties.

    'Police should be empowered'
    "I want to make it clear that we want the police to be free and empowered. It does not sit well that the chief minister [of Punjab] or someone sitting with him may have been responsible for the officer's transfer," the chief justice said on the outset of the case's hearing.

    The chief justice's reference to the 'person sitting with the chief minister' is to Ahsan Jameel Gujjar, said to be an influential person who is close to the Maneka family. Gujjar and Punjab CM Usman Buzdar had reportedly summoned Gondal to the CM's office for an 'explanation' of the events in Pakpattan shortly before the officer was transferred from his posting.

    "Where's Khawar Maneka?" the chief justice asked. "Where's Ahsan Jameel Gujjar? Why was the DPO called to [Khawar Maneka's] dera to apologise?"

    "Why was the DPO transferred at 1am in the night? Could the transfer not have waited till the morning? What was the urgency that the transfer orders had to be issued at night only?" the CJP asked.

    "We will not tolerate any political interference [in the police's operations]," Justice Ejazul Ahsan chipped in.

    "We'll see how anyone can be transferred under pressure," the CJP added.

    'There was no pressure'
    Responding to the judges' queries, the IG Punjab took the stand to state his version of events.

    "There was no pressure on me to make the transfer," IG Imam said. "This was a departmental decision."

    "We found out through the Special Branch and various other sources that Rizwan Gondal had not been entirely forthcoming to us," the IGP said, elaborating on his decision to move Gondal out of Pakpattan. "In any case, a transfer is not a punishment."

    To the question of why Gondal went to CM House, the IG said: "The chief minister summoned DPO Rizwan Gondal."

    "Did you stop the chief minister from meeting the DPO?" the chief justice asked.

    The CJP then asked the IG what was wrong with the police questioning a woman pedestrian — a reference to reports that there had been a separate incident in Pakpattan early in August also involving a member of the Maneka family — a woman — who had similarly been 'stopped' by police for questioning.

    The IG told the court that the woman hadn't simply been stopped for questioning: "Someone also grabbed her by the arm," he said.

    Gondal himself took the stand next.

    "The chief minister's PSO Haider called me and the RPO for a meeting," Rizwan Gondal told the court.

    "I had told the RPO about the August 23, 24 incident," Gondal said. "I had also informed the IG Punjab through WhatsApp."

    "On the day of the incident, I received a phone call at 4pm that I should present myself at CM House before 10pm that night," Gondal deposed. "I reached there at 10pm, where I was introduced to Ahsan Jameel as the chief minister's 'brother'."

    "Jameel asked me to tell him if there was some kind of conspiracy against the Maneka family," Gondal said.

    "I also received messages from abroad," Gondal said, presumably referring to pressure on him to apologise to the Manekas.

    "Who sent those messages?" the chief justice asked.

    "Among the people who sent the messages was an ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) colonel named Tariq. He messaged saying I should go to the dera," Gondal said. "Another message was sent by my senior, Azeem Arshad."

    Gondal said he "kept calling Ibrahim Maneka to tell him that if he could not come to my office, he could come to my house".

    'Harassment case'
    The AIG was called to the stand next.

    "The first incident, of harassment of a woman, took place on August 5," the AIG deposed to the court. "No action was taken on this from August 6 to August 23, even though the DPO should have investigated the incident. We are public servants, there should be no ego involved in what we do."

    "On August 24, 18 days after the incident, we were told that someone called from abroad and that someone called from the ISI," the AIG said.

    "So your position is that the August 5 matter should have been investigated by the DPO and wasn't?" Justice Umar Ata Bandial asked.

    "The writ of the state should always be upheld," Justice Bandial remarked. "The police is there to serve, but our police asks complainants to come with a car if they want their complaint to be registered. We need to change this system."

    However, Gondal dismissed the allegation.

    "I can say on oath that I was not informed by any police official about any incident of harassment," Gondal told the court.

    "What was the chief minister's role in all of this?" the chief justice asked. "Where did his friend drop in from? Is Ahsan Jameel Gujjar some kind of influential individual?"

    "How soon can Khawar Maneka and Ahsan Gujjar be presented before the court?" he subsequently asked.

    Khawar Maneka, however, excused himself from leaving Lahore before 3pm. Meanwhile, Ahsan Jameel Gujjar could not be reached by the additional advocate general of Punjab.

    When the court was informed by the additional attorney general after a break that Maneka, Gujjar and Col Tariq could not be presented before the court today due to various reasons, the court adjourned the case to Monday.

    It additionally summoned the CM's PSO, the DIG Headquarters Shehzada Sultan and the CM's CSO, tasking the IG Punjab with the responsibility of ensuring everyone was present for the hearing.

    Ominously, the chief justice also told the Punjab advocate general to read court judgements involving Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution.

    "We'll see if the authority accorded to public offices was abused in this case," he said.

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    Jan 2010
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    Is this something the Supreme Court should be dealing with?

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    Dec 2012
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    SC orders inquiry into alleged mistreatment of Maneka's daughter, political interference in Pakpattan transfer

    The Supreme Court on Monday ordered an inquiry into the mistreatment allegedly meted out to the daughter of Khawar Fareed Maneka by Punjab police personnel and interference in the matter of transfer of Pakpattan DPO Rizwan Gondal by political personalities.

    Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar had last week taken suo motu notice of the transfer of DPO Gondal, allegedly over an altercation with Maneka, ex-husband of First Lady Bushra Imran.

    A three-member bench headed by the CJP today directed the Punjab inspector general to submit the inquiry report after investigating the matter from all aspects within a week.

    In the first incident involving the Maneka family and police, some policemen had misbehaved with a female member of the family on August 5. She has now been identified as the daughter.

    The CJP today remarked that the court is sorry over the mistreatment suffered by Maneka's daughter at the hands of police.

    "The court apologises on behalf of the nation," Justice Nisar said, adding officials involved in the episode would be strictly punished.

    The controversy had arisen when, according to Pakpattan police, DPO Gondal’s men tried to stop Maneka’s car as he was travelling towards Pir Ghani on the night of August 23. Maneka allegedly refused to stop on the policemen’s request and misbehaved with them. Subsequently, Maneka demanded that the DPO visit his dera to personally apologise to him.

    But Gondal refused and was subsequently transferred. The Punjab police later clarified that the DPO was transferred for displaying conduct unbecoming of a police officer and misreporting facts.

    At the outset of the hearing today, Punjab Inspector General Kaleem Imam informed the court that the orders to transfer DPO Gondal were issued verbally and one of the reasons behind the transfer was that the DPO had not taken a notice of the incident in which the female from the Maneka family was mistreated. He also claimed that he had not directed Gondal to visit the Chief Minister's Office.

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    Oct 2004
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    RAWALPINDI: The federal government on Friday transferred and posted top police officers in Punjab, Sindh and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

    Dr Syed Kaleem Imam, the inspector general of Punjab police (PSP, **-21), who is serving as the Provincial Police Officer in Punjab, has been transferred and posted as the PPO in Sindh.

    A notification issued by the Establishment Division said that Dr Imam had been transferred and posted in his own pay and scale with immediate effect and until further orders.

    Rizwan Gondal, the main character of controversy involving first lady’s former husband, relieved of duties in Punjab

    Amjad Javed Saleemi (**-22), serving as inspector general of Sindh police, has been transferred and asked to report to the Establishment Division with immediate effect.

    Muhammad Tahir (PSP, **-21), serving as the PPO of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, has been transferred and posted as inspector general of Punjab police. A notification has been issued in this regard by the Establishment Division.

    The government has appointed Salahuddin Khan Mehsud as chief of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police. He has replaced Mr Tahir who has been transferred to Punjab.

    Mr Mehsud served as police chief of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for about 14 months, after being appointed to the post following the retirement of Nasir Khan Durrani last year.

    A notification issued by the Establishment Division said that Mr Mehsud, presently an officer on special duty in the division, had been transferred and posted in his own pay and scale.

    Hailing from South Waziristan, he joined police force in 1989 as an assistant superintendent of police and served in various capacities in the province. He was promoted to **-21 in February this year and was serving as assistant inspector general of Special Branch since March 2016.

    Meanwhile, the Punjab government has issued a notification saying that City Police Officer Rizwan Omer Gondal (PSP, **-18) has been relieved of his duties in Punjab and transferred to Islamabad. Mr Gondal remained in news last week for his involvement and subsequent transfer after an incident revolving around the former husband of first lady Khawar Maneka.

    Kaleem Imam, who has been posted as inspector general of Sindh police, has served both inside the country and abroad for more than two decades. He has also served in a peacekeeping mission of the United Nations.

    He has had the distinction of serving as inspector general of Islamabad police, Motorway police and Punjab police, respectively.

    Dr Imam was born in 1962 in Karachi. He obtained a law degree from the University of London and a PhD from the International Islamic University, Islamabad, in international relations.

    In his 25 years in the police service, he served in Balochistan, Punjab and Islamabad besides being deputed to the Federal Investigation Agency. He also served as chief security officer of the prime minister.

    Dr Imam was appointed as the deputy police commissioner of the UN Mission in Darfur, Sudan, in 2011 and later as police commissioner there in 2012.

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    Sep 2011
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    Punjab CM did not influence Pakpattan DPO's transfer: IG Punjab's report

    Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was only acting as a mediator and did not attempt to influence the police amidst the Pakpattan controversy that eventually led to the transfer of District Police Officer (DPO) Rizwan Gondal, former Punjab Inspector General of Police (IGP) Syed Kaleem Imam told the Supreme Court in his inquiry report on Wednesday.

    The report, submitted in the apex court today, stated that the chief minister had indeed summoned the police officials concerned without informing the IGP, but proceeded to act "only as an elder" to mediate between the parties in conflict.

    The CM was very hospitable towards the police officers and during the meeting, which he "hosted", the report states, the policemen were not harassed or pressurised in any way.

    Imam, in his report, further observed that the Punjab CM neither issued any written orders or gave any directives pertaining to the DPO's transfer.

    Instead, the report said, Buzdar had told the RPO to settle the issue himself, which "makes it clear that there was no interference in policing matters".

    However, the report noted that DPO Gondal had felt that he was being "interrogated by a stranger" in the presence of the RPO and the CM during the meeting.

    While DPO Gondal was displeased at being called to the CM's office, the report says, he had not complained of being harassed or pressurised in the meeting.

    The report recommended that, in the future, Punjab CM go through the provincial IGP to summon any police officials instead of doing so directly.
    Suo motu

    On August 31, Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar had taken suo motu notice of the transfer of DPO Gondal, allegedly over the Pakpattan police's altercation with citizen Khawar Fareed Maneka, who is the ex-husband of First Lady Bushra Imran.

    During the hearing of the case, Manika had alleged that some policemen had misbehaved with his daughter on August 5.

    The CJP had remarked that the court was sorry over the mistreatment suffered by Maneka's daughter at the hands of police.

    "The court apologises on behalf of the nation," Justice Nisar had said, but also ordered the then Punjab IGP to launch an inquiry into the mistreatment and interference in the matter of Gondal's transfer by political personalities.
    The meeting

    The report compiled by Kaleem Imam, who is now the IGP Sindh, suggested that Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar had summoned the relevant police officers through his PSO at 10pm without taking the IGP into the loop.

    The chief minister had also invited Ahsan Jameel (a Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader from Gujranwala and close friend of Maneka) to his office.

    According to the report, a meeting was subsequently held between the chief minister, the PTI leader, the RPO Sahiwal and the DPO in the committee room of the CM's office.
    PTI leader in the meeting

    During the meeting, the Jameel had complained about the incident and the refusal of the police to address the "mistreatment" meted out to the Maneka family.

    Jameel, the report said, also highlighted that the policemen had held the hand of Maneka's daughter and threatened the family.

    He had also expressed suspicions that Maneka's brothers — who the family believed to be associated with a rival political party and were not on good terms with the family after Bushra's wedding with the PTI chief — had played a role in the entire episode.

    Khawer Maneka's children had been under the impression that there was a conspiracy behind the entire episode, it emerged during that meeting.

    According to the report, Ahsan expressed his anger that the complaint was not addressed as he believed that the incident had unnecessarily deepened a divide in the Maneka family.
    'Not befitting a DPO to apologise in person'

    The report stated that the DPO had confidently clarified his position on the issue before the chief minister and the RPO.

    He had also made it clear to Jameel that if it was being expected that he would go to Maneka's dera (residence) and apologise in person, he would not be doing so.

    The report quoted Rizwan Gondal as saying that "DPOs don't go to the deras of people".

    According to the report, the DPO had been miffed at the idea of meeting a stranger (Jameel) as he felt it had been an attempt to pressurise him. He had felt like a stranger was grilling him in the presence of the chief minister and the RPO, the report elaborated.
    CM hosts meeting but doesn't take part in discussion

    The report gave a clean chit to the chief minister and mentioned that he had not taken part in the discussion between Ahsan and DPO Gondal.

    Instead, Buzdar had limited himself to serving food to the participants of the meeting. The report quoted the RPO Sahiwal as saying that the meeting was held in a pleasant atmosphere.

    According to the report, the chief minister had only arranged the meeting so Jameel could express his concerns and had Gondal summoned so that the issue could be resolved as per his tribal customs (an 'elder' arbitrating between parties in conflict).

    The report states that the police officers were not harassed during the meeting, nor were they made to feel any pressure.
    Findings of the report

    The report also gave a clean chit to Jameel, concluding that he had not committed any offence per se and had also rendered an apology for his role in the matter.

    "He attended that meeting in the capacity of an aggrieved party," the report said. It also mentioned that no action had been taken on the complaints made by the Maneka family despite several messages being sent to do so.

    According to the findings of the inquiry, the chief minister had asked the RPO to resolve the issue on his own which is indicative that it was not tantamount to interfering into the affairs of the police department, the report said.

    The report concluded that the chief minister should not summon any police officer directly, instead and if needed, police officers should be summoned through the IGP.

    It also recommended barring police officers from entering the Chief Minister House without clear directions from the IGP to do so. The complaints submitted to the chief minister's office should instead sent to the IGP for redressal, it added.

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