Shane Watson speaking about taking part in the T10 League:

"The reason I am playing T10 is because it is different"

"Talking to the guys who played this last season, they had a lot of fun playing it"

"The league was very well run and what I am excited about it is that this is a very different format than T20"

"Its going to be very interesting and enjoyable"

"Specialist players across all formats are crucial but all-rounders provide a good balance to the team as well"

"The day of young kids playing 1-2 day games are gone, and we have now kids wanting to instant action and entertainment"

"The days are going when every team has to play each other once in 4 years or so in FTP; [There is interest in] When you have tournaments when there is something riding on every game, there is an end-point at the end of the season and there is a winner"

"This is why ODI, T20 World Cups are so well-watched"

"Its great for the players and for the viewing public"

"I cant see the shorter versions taking anything away from the other formats"

"I have always had a great time playing against Pakistan, whether its T20 cricket or Test cricket and have enjoyed the contest against Pakistan"

"My first Test 100 was against Pakistan and I have incredible memories of the World Cup QF where Pakistan with Wahab Riaz played some really tough cricket"

"They have very talented cricketers and if they get on top of you they are very hard to stop"

"The Pakistan players I have played with love cricket as much as I do"

"I am really excited to be part of the Karachians"

"to get out there, individually and as a team, make the Karachians proud"

"hopefully some Karachi fans will come to Dubai to support us on the ground too"

"From a cricketers point of view to see someone who was such an incredible cricketer to then transition to be a world leader is something for everyone to aspire to"

"Its incredible what he has achieved and from what I have heard, he has always been there for the people"