Inzamam-ul-Haq at a press conference after announcement of Pakistan squad for Asia Cup:

"We have announced a squad of 16 players including 6 fast-bowlers, keeping in mind the harsh and hot weather in UAE"

"If you look at domestic cricket records, what Shan Masood has done in List A cricket over the past year includes 1300 runs which includes a world record. We thought he deserves a chance ahead of the World Cup"

"ACC has allowed us to name a squad of 16 due to the hot weather. Fast bowling puts a lot of stress on the players so we don't want to overburden them (so there's an extra pacer in the squad)"

"We have a squad of 20-22 players who we are looking at for the World Cup and Hafeez is included in that but we thought we would give Shan Masood a chance this time. Hafeez is a good player and he bowls too but we have some other options as well. We want to try a few things in the Asia Cup as well"

"Regarding Imad Wasim, we have a clear policy that only players who pass the fitness tests will be selected. This isn't only for Imad Wasim, it's for all players. If they fail a test once, we give them another opportunity. Imad Wasim unfortunately couldn't pass it, though we know that his performances in the past have been very good. However, we don't compromise on fitness"

"Mohammad Hafeez's career is definitely not finished. Firstly, we don't have the right to select a team and then say that someone's career is over. Secondly, I have stated that he is in the pool of players that are in our sights for the 2019 World Cup"

"There is no special reason for dropping Hafeez, but Shan Masood has outperformed everyone in domestic 50-over cricket and we want to have a look at him"

"My work is to select players, I don't tell them to hit themselves with a bat or not. That's not my job. This is up to the player. Whoever has good performances will get opportunities as long as there are spots available in the Pakistan team. There are many players who perform well in domestic cricket but there aren't any slots available in the team so they don't get a chance and that is tough for them. We try to give every player who performs a chance if possible"

"Our team should play to its full strength, doesn't matter if Virat Kohli is there or not. The way the Pakistan team has been performing in the last year or so, they should play good cricket. Virat is a big player so they will feel his loss but their team is good"

"Whoever has performed should aim to do even better in future. Fakhar and Imam performed very well in Zimbabwe. But if they are content after that, I don't think that's right. They should always aim to do even better"

"Sarfaraz hasn't lived up to the expectations we have of him with the bat. He hasn't delivered in recent times but now he has changed his batting position and his performances are better and insha'Allah he will keep improving"

"Yasir Shah is a world class bowler but he is returning from injury and needs to play more to come back into rhythm. Once he comes back into rhythm, I think he is the number one FC bowler"

"Ahmed Shehzad is a good player. If he is cleared or his punishment is served, then he can be in contention for selection if there are spots available in the squad"

"With regards to wicket-keepers, we haven't sent another keeper with the team for a while as Sarfaraz is covering all the bases. We needed an extra fast-bowler in the squad as they are required in practice sessions as well and we don't want to put too much pressure on them in the heat"

"All teams are strong in the Asia Cup, none of them can be taken lightly. I won't say that the Pakistan team is weak or strong but in all 3 aspects, I think we have seen betterment in recent times and that is an unending process. If we keep on improving, that's a good sign"

"Sometimes our players aren't tested like in the Zimbabwe series, it can happen in a tournament that openers keep scoring and the lower order doesn't get to bat in pressure situations so once they are exposed to it, it can be troublesome. We are keeping that in mind and thus during the Zimbabwe series, we tried to promote guys such as Asif Ali and Faheem Ashraf up the order at times so that they can be better prepared to be able to handle crunch situations"

"We won the Champions Trophy in away conditions, we won a T20 series recently away as well. It's true that senior players are important in big series, the better they perform, the better the team does. I am not saying that we have reached an optimum level but I think we are constantly improving"