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    "The main objective is to strengthen Pakistan cricket" : Ehsan Mani

    The PCB Chairman speaking to the press today

    "First of all I would like to apologize for the late start of this press conference but we have some new board members including myself so we had a few questions to ask about the current situation [of PCB] and that took a little long"

    "I am happy that you [press] are sitting here patiently, and I hope that the PCB wallas have atleast given you a cup of tea"

    "Our first priority is to strengthen our domestic cricket. Our players come from domestic cricket so we need to work on grassroots cricket. We need to start work on school, club and district cricket"

    "The biggest contributors to Pakistan cricket are our departments. Whatever steps we take forward, we will involve the departments in them. They are the biggest and major employers for players in Pakistan"

    "Our patron [PM] had openly spoken about an Australian style model to be adopted by us, but in my opinion we will need to invent a Pakistani version due to the fact that our circumstances are different from those of other countries"

    "The principle of this [model] is that there are less first-class teams but they are very strong teams so that they act as good backups for the 16-18 players who are part of the current Pakistan teams; the system will produce these players, Inshallah"

    "This wont happen overnight and there will be consultations on this. The consultations will be with all stakeholders which will consist of former cricketers, departments, associations and districts"

    "To do this, we are forming a management taskforce which will have 2 Board members who will guide this taskforce and also identify the issues at hand. We will then take it to other stakeholders for advice and consultation"

    "The main objective is to strengthen Pakistan Cricket"

    "Our stadiums are in bad shape and I do not believe its the work of the Cricket Board to take care of stadiums. We need to empower the regions to look after the state of cricket in their regions"

    "Wherever in the world there is good governance in the boards, the Cricket is also good where professional teams are run on professional basis"

    "In this way, the importance of Chairmen and Board members is reduced and the importance of the game rises"

    "My second objective is to have another look at the structure of the PCB; Over the years, the PCB has become a big organization in terms of employees which number around 900"

    "I suspect that there is no other board which is so big in terms of manpower"

    "I dont want to say anything about any mistakes [by previous administration] - I dont know about that"

    "Just like the private sector, we will employ dedicated professionals at the PCB to run the organization"

    "We will need to make some changes to the constitution of the Board, which is a concern for me"

    "We have Chairman and Chief Executive as the same person which is the case in any other Board in the world"

    "There will be transparency and accountability about any actions that the board takes from today onwards"

    "We will professionalize our media department so that you are informed about what changes are happening at the PCB"

    "There will be one single point of contact for all information [Media Department] - Adhoc interviews cause problems and give different signals to you (press)"

    "The next edition of PSL will have 8 games in Pakistan but we will always want to increase this number in the future"

    "Hopefully, as soon as possible, [we will want] all matches should be played in Pakistan"

    "In the past few years, some small steps have been taken in this regard which has resulted in confidence building for some [foreign] players"

    "There will always be someone who will hesitate but we will focus on all matches to be played in Pakistan"

    "I cannot say if this will happen tomorrow"

    "These things are challenges [teams not visiting Pakistan] - first we need to recognize these and then make a strategy to overcome these"

    "I will not talk about keeping or letting go employees at PCB, I will first assess the situation"

    "I have reasonable experience in negotiating media rights and I have also helped PCB in the past 2-3 media rights negotiations as well"

    "I was not involved in the PSL, nor was I asked by anyone to get involved"

    "The only objective of the PSL media rights negotiations will be to make sure we get most value out of it"

    Indo Pak Relations

    "This is all about trust and relationships; if you recall in the days of Dalmiya, both boards used to have very close relations"

    "We have to rebuild this relationship again and the PM has done something very good by inviting Sidhu over"

    On India Pak Dispute Situation

    "Look a lot of work has been done on this and to withdraw at this stage would be considered a weakness on hour behalf"

    "If this was earlier, I would have asked to sit across a table with India and find a solution"

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