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    "We are on top of India as they will be under pressure" : Hasan Ali

    Hassan Ali speaking to the media:

    "First of all, as it's Defence of Pakistan Day, I would like to mention about the martyrs from our Armed Forces who have laid their lives for the country"

    "We are not only focused on the 19th September game against India but on the tournament as a whole"

    "As you said, there is always a special enthusiasm when we play against India so hopefully we will keep the same going for the upcoming match against India as well"

    "I am happy that there is pressure on me as it makes me perform better and help my team win"

    "Both India and Sri Lanka are good sides; both are used to playing in such conditions"

    "But we also play in UAE all the time and we know how to play cricket here"

    "We all know that Virat Kohli is a good player and a match-winner but even without him the India team is very good"

    "Yes we may have an advantage as Virat Kohli [usually] pulls his team out of trouble when they are under pressure so a different player in his place may not be able to handle that pressure"

    "Virat is a great player and it's every young bowler's [like me] wish to take his wicket but he wont be here this time so that's OK but if I face him next time, I will try and take his wicket"

    "Its best you ask the selection committee why they have kept 6 fast-bowlers and no spinners; our job is to play and it doesn't matter if we have 7 or 8 bowlers, whoever gets a chance will try and perform for Pakistan"

    "I have not said anything on social media or anywhere about not playing a specific format"

    "I love to play Test cricket and it's my wish to perform in Tests in the same way I have done in ODIs and T20Is"

    "As a youngster you need to keep yourself fit and look after yourself"

    "Since I am playing 3 formats, I need to keep a high level of fitness"

    "As far as comparison with Virat Kohli [in terms of fitness] this is not necessary as he is a legend and our senior but my focus is on my fitness as when you are fit, you can perform better"

    "Every bowler wants to take 5 wickets but my focus is to perform when my team needs me most"

    "It doesn't matter if that means taking one or 3 or 4 wickets; my focus is to take wickets for my team at that difficult time"

    "I will try to take a 5fer in the Asia Cup and to perform in a way such that Pakistan wins"

    "I would like to do my wicket-taking celebration 10 times against India but lets see what happens; I will do my best to take wickets for my team and for my fans who want to see my wicket-taking celebrations"

    "We are on top of India [in terms of momentum] as they will be under pressure as they lost the last match to us, these are conditions we are familiar with and we will do our best to avail such conditions to our advantage"
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