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    "I want to be recognised and accepted as Imam-ul-Haq first and then Inzamam's nephew after that"

    Imam-ul-Haq speaking to the media :

    "It would be great if we can also win the Asia Cup but it wont be about winning it for the PM Imran Khan but it will allow our nation which loves cricket to celebrate"

    "We are looking at each match and opponent and preparing for that game and not only worrying about India"

    "All matches are same for me whether its Hong Kong or India; my pressure levels will be the same in all games"

    "India is a very good team but the absence of Virat Kohli will make a difference"

    "We just want to play aggressive cricket which is how we have been taught and the performances since Champions Trophy are examples of that"

    "There is no psychological advantage from any past games when it comes to India Pakistan games"

    "You have to really control your nerves in India Pakistan games as things can easily go against you in such matches"

    "We haven't discussed anything about whether we will bowl or bat first as that is decided by coach and captain"

    "You can say that we have an advantage in UAE as we have been playing here for a long time but the wickets here are similar to what you find in India and Bangladesh"

    "All teams such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan have good youngsters and there can be upsets in this tournament"

    "The Asia Cup is not only about India and Pakistan as other teams can also make a difference and this is good preparation for the 2019 World Cup"

    "No advice from my uncle as he doesn't talk that much about cricket especially when it comes to me"

    "I like to thank the management in the way they have treated me so well "

    "My uncle just tells me to enjoy myself in cricket"

    "We haven't seen the wicket yet but we will see it before the game"

    "Let me be clear about this, I want to be recognised and accepted as Imam-ul-Haq first and then Inzamam's nephew after that, and yes he is my uncle and it's not my fault"

    "There is a lot of pressure on me especially from Pakistan media and sometimes I have to tolerate them too"

    "I have 4 hundreds in 9 ODIs and credit goes to my family for their support, to the management as they have also supported me, so what the media says has never mattered to me"
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