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    "I wasn't bothered that my action was called before as that's a thing of the past" : Bilal Asif

    Bilal Asif speaking to the media at end of Day 3:

    "Alhamdolillah, that I did well; I am feeling and all I did was try my best and do the basics right"

    "I am feeling really good as I got 6 wickets in the first innings of my debut, and I will try my best to make this debut even better in the rest of the match"

    "When you are debuting, of course there is pressure on you; Even today, I didn't bowl well initially and wasn't feeling too good about it but my teammates encouraged me and gave me confidence to do better, and after that you can see the improvement"

    "I have been struggling for the last few years; Since my ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2015 which was 3 years ago, I have managed to get my Test debut but that has taken a lot of hard work; I have been working at the NCA and the guys there have been very good to me"

    "I am pretty happy that I am here now"

    "Being a professional cricketer, you need to have some inner strength so I really had no doubts myself as long as I kept on working hard"

    "Whether I would get a chance to play for the national side was something which is in the Almighty's hands"

    "I have been involved in the NCA camps for spinners and emerging players for the last few years"

    "I'd like to thank all at the NCA especially Mushtaq Ahmed as he's worked hard with me for the last 3 years. Today I got the reward for that hard work and credit for that goes to Mushy Bhai. He supported me on and off the field and really helped me with my bowling"

    "And today, I got the reward for that hard work and the credit for that goes to Mushy Bhai"

    "He supported me on and off the field and really helped me with my bowling as well"

    "Until your name appears in the final XI, you can never be sure that you will play in the match or not"

    "My intention is to give 110 percent when given the chance to play for Pakistan, the rest is in the hands of the Almighty"

    "I have been bowling for a while in first-class and One-Day games in Pakistan so I have a fair idea of what help you can get from the pitch"

    "So, taking into account the fact that the pitch does help the spinners in UAE, I tried to vary the pace a bit and thankfully I got good results due to that"

    "Look this is a team game, so its not a problem that Yasir Shah didnt take a wicket today as we all know he is a world-class bowler"

    "It was my good luck that I took 6 wickets today but I wasnt bowling that well in the first session, and obviously as a debutante I felt pressure as I wasn't getting any wickets but I put that out of my mind and bowled with focus, and the Almighty rewarded me"
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