Hello everyone. I have a strange problem in my batting. I can't play full length bowls properly, although I am very good against short and good length bowls. Against full length balls, my timing is very late and my bat is also not sufficiently close to the ground so the ball goes underneath my bat and crashes into my stumps when I drive a half voley. I get out 90% of the times like this against fast bowlers and my team is not happy with me.

I want to know if some one else had this problem and how they corrected it. Do you have to stretch down to reach for the ball when driving a full length ball like half voley or can you drive it comfortably(without having to stretch down)? I have realised that I don't get enough forward on front foot, so could my problem be because of this. How can I learn to play forward?

I also wanted to ask what is the correct length of a bat, like if a bat is touching the surface and standing straight, then to what body part should it reach. Thanks brothers for readings. Your advice will be very helpful and kind.