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    "If such pitches were in Pakistan, they would have been reported" : Wasim Akram on SA pitches

    Wasim Akram speaking at a presser where he announced details about his cricket academy in Multan:

    "Our plan is to have 2,3 or 4 different pitches in this academy (in Multan) where we will try and get soil from Perth, from South Africa and possibly England as well; Although English soil may not work here due to the weather"

    "So when the Pakistan side has to go abroad, they can come there and practice before leaving"

    "As we know we had problems recently in playing on South Africa pitches and this was also true when we used to play on such bouncy pitches"

    "Just like the ICC have done in the ICC Cricket Academy in Dubai where they have soil from other countries"

    "The idea behind the Wasim Akram cricket academy is to provide Pakistan with players through a systematic manner"

    "So when we will be able to teach the younger generation the right technique then in the future such players will be able to play for Pakistan for a long time"

    "Whether its a fast-bowler batsman or a spinner, the academy will have coaching for all types of players"

    "You all know that we have only one [quality] off-spinner Bilal Asif who is playing for Pakistan - there is no other good off-spinner in First-Class cricket"

    "There are off-spinners coming through from all parts of the world but here, off-spinners are disappearing"

    "We have some great bowlers like the great Abdul Qadir, Mushtaq Ahmed, Saqlain Mushtaq and Saeed Ajmal; So we have 2 off-spinners who showed the world what off-spin is all about; We will be using their services so that new spinners can learn from such legends"

    "I cant understand why we are feeling so shocked that Pakistan batting is failing to perform in South Africa"

    "Which batting side has succeed in South Africa? When we used to play there, even we used to struggle there"

    "because we did not have such pitches here"

    "This is why in the future whenever we go there, it is important that we keep a few warm-up matches in places such as New Zealand, Australia, South Africa"

    "In this way our bowlers will have an idea of where to pitch the ball and our batsmen will get an idea about which balls to leave"

    "If you see the hundred that Faf du Plessis scored, you will note that he was able to leave balls from good length which is something you only know to do when you play on such pitches"

    "You can't really blame our batsmen as they would have put in their best efforts but sometimes when the pitch is difficult to play on, then the idea is to play with care and not lose your wickets"

    "So our boys are trying their hardest but unfortunately they aren't good enough"

    "I am sorry to say that the pitches (in South Africa) aren't that good for Test cricket"

    "If we had made pitches like these then we would have been reported for it"

    "Having a pitch which is quick is one thing but having uneven pitches is a totally different ball game"

    "I am not sure if the Coach is ever put in front of the Cricket committee or not"

    "Coming back to Sarfaraz, this [demand for Sarf to step down] has been the case from Asia Cup from cricket lovers and media who are entitled to their opinions"

    "In my view, if you feel that you have someone who can takeover captaincy from Sarfaraz then tell me his name, if that name is hidden then I wont know about it"

    "But [doing this change just] for the sake of changing the captain is not fair on Sarfaraz or the team as well"

    "He won you the Champions Trophy a bit more than a year ago so lets give him a chance as Test cricket, especially in South Africa, is difficult so lets give him some breathing space"

    "Yes there is stress when captaining a side but then many captains have lead in all three formats without a problem so in my opinion we should stick with Sarfaraz"

    "I can only give my opinion but if by changing the coach a team could win then we should change one every month"

    "The coach plans for you but the execution of his plans is done by the players"

    "I dont think anyone should be sacked after one series, its not fair on them"

    "If we had a good or better batsman available, then he would have been here [in the team]"

    "In our playing days, one could top for 10 years in first-class and you would not get a chance to play in the Pakistan side"

    "In today's era, if you top [the averages] in one year you will be given a chance but that is still not happening"

    "I did not understand why Fakhar played at number 6 in the 2nd Test as he is an opener and he wouldnt know what to do just like if you take a number 8 position batsman like me and ask him to open - I wouldnt have a clue"

    "I am for Pakistan and whoever asks me for help I am there to help the cricketers"

    "The Idea is to ask for help - When I was new, I would ask for help from Imran Khan, Muddasar Nazar and Javed Miandad; When we had a game against New Zealand, I would ask Sir Richard Hadlee for help, similarly I would ask Kapil Dev and Marshall after a match; I would also ask Botham for advice - infact I have spoken to everyone about bowling"

    "I did this when I was 18-19 years old as I wanted to know what bowling was all about"

    India: "Its a big deal; The way they won the series is very exciting and I would like to congratulate Virat Kohli and to team India as this is a huge achievement"

    "Whatever you say such as Australia team was inexperienced, David Warner and Steve Smith werent there but to convincingly defeat Australia in Australia is a massive deal in the cricketing world"

    "They are the first sub-continental team who have done this and done in a convincing manner and in a consistent way"

    "They put money in first-class cricket for the last ten years and every cricketer that comes through for India always praises their first-class system"

    "This is why having a good first-class structure is very important"

    "When I came to the Pakistan side, I set my goal to become like Imran Khan or Javed Miandad so my standard was high"

    "My advice to youngsters who come in the Pakistan side is to have a high goal and to aim to be the number one"

    "There is no number 2; Either you are number one or you havent achieved anything in life"

    "On an uneven pitch, what would you prefer to play as a batsman? 145-150Kph or 130 KpH?

    "I dont know the reason (for loss of pace) as I am not with them but Shaheen Shah Afridi did take wickets but his swing is missing"

    "Mohammad Amir has also taken wickets but his ball is not coming into the batsman; Mohammad Abbas has come back after an injury - he did not have pace even before but these wickets were to his liking but at his medium pace the South Africans knew how to bat against him"

    "Mohammad Amir has pace but he has to work out his swing and I am sure he is very talented and he can make a comeback"
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