Azhar Ali at a presser ahead of the third Test against SA:

"Yes, it looks like a batting track, it has grass and in terms of cracks they will widen up later than they did in the first 2 matches"

"We just want to our best and bring our best game forward"

"When you play well and start dominating the Test match, its always good to be in front of the game in these conditions"

"When you fall behind, its tough to come back and its not easy so I think if you can get in front of the game early, it will be good for us"

"Since last 2 years, I have felt the best [I have felt for a while] when I was batting in the nets and had a decent series against New Zealand and coming into this Test series, I had good confidence as well"

"I was good in the nets and played well in the side game but unfortunately, in the games [Tests] I did not perform"

"But I have one game to play and hopefully I can covert that good touch into performances in the middle [matches]"

"You can feel as good as you want to in nets but I need to transfer that feeling to the middle and I am still confident that if I can get a good start, I can convert that into a good inning"

"There might be changes but its better for the captain and the coach to speak about them"

"There might be some changes based upon the balance of the team which suits this pitch "

"Pace and bounce we knew we would get and also if you ask South African batsmen, they will also say that these wickets were hard [to bat on]"

"The bounce was not even and the cracks were there and it was same for both teams"

"Maybe we didnít perform as well as we could have done although we had the opportunities to do so"

"South Africa bowling attack is very good especially in these conditions"

"All their bowlers bowled at +140KpH apart from Philander but heís quite accurate"

"I think their pace is quite tough [to face] on these kinds of wickets"

"We are obviously disappointed that we didnít win the series"

"Every Test match we play whether its against England, Australia or South Africa is important for us"

"So we will bring our A game tomorrow into this Test match and it will be very good, especially as the tour is still not over yet"

"The ODIs will be a boost for the One-Day side [morale boost if they win]"

"So we are really looking forward to this Test match and doing well in it"