During his tenure according to Statistic's the number of pending cases went up from 32,000 to 40,000 and people are using that to push the narrative that he did not do his job and did not focus his energies on what he should have been doing and according to the politicians, bureacrats affected he was too busy taking Suo motto notice of things and trying to be the PM, President of the country as Asif Zardari once sarcastically commented when the CJP caught Sharjeel Memon in a Presidential Suite at Ziauddin with Liquor.

However to his defence, the other school of thought is that because our politicians, bureacrats, businessmen, generals are so corrupt and are just busy looting, plundering the country, abusing their power and authority, there has to be a check and balance on them from the judiciary and the CJP was rightfully taking Suo Motto action, interfering in the form of the Dam Fund, paying surprise visits to hospitals, jails, conducting anti corruption inquiries and focusing on the more high profile cases and the judiciary should also play this role of keeping a solid check on the executive offices of the country.

My personal opinion lies in the second school of thought but everyone else can feel free to debate.