Imam-ul-Haq speaking in a media talk:

"Playing the short ball isn't difficult but when we play on wickets in Dubai and then go to South Africa, the difference is very large which makes it difficult. Our players play the short ball well but they are not routinely used to it now because in Dubai it doesn't bounce like in SA. We weren't used to it but in the 2nd or 3rd Test there was improvement"

"Playing in Pakistan is a wish for every player, it will be great for the players and for the crowds that some matches of PSL will be played in Pakistan. We will send out a message once again that Pakistan is a safe country"

"In Test matches we learnt quite a lot, in the ODIs we were unfortunate despite playing well. It rained in one match which changed the complexion of the game, overall it was an enjoyable tour"

"As for the signals (finger on lips etc.), it happens sometimes in frustration. I respect everyone. I am frequently targeted, the best answer I can give is in the ground. Talking outside the ground won't help, I will always try to answer my critics with the bat. I respect everyone, obviously talking is their job and I can't stop them, but I will try to make them be quiet thanks to my performances"

"Pakistan has always been thought of as an unpredictable team in tournaments so I think it will be considered one of the dangerous teams"

"We are all the same players and a collective team, it wasn't any different with Shoaib bhai captaining, he leads well as does Saifi bhai"

"Since two years, we've had the same captain. The captain hasn't been changed, he's just been banned for a couple of matches, he (Sarfaraz Ahmed) is still the captain. Nothing has changed, Shoaib bhai is the stand-in captain"