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    "What we're seeing in the system is due to years of decay, nobody has taken any notice" : Wasim Khan

    Wasim Khan at his first presser as PCB MD:

    "I was getting an opportunity in England to progress and also I was getting a [higher] salary but to support Pakistan cricket by coming here was a big passion of mine"

    "I used to support Pakistan when they would play in England and I was in the stands when Pakistan won the CT in 2017 supporting Pakistan"

    "My loyalty is with Pakistan - if I had wanted comfort and security, I would have stayed in England"

    "For the me the opportunity is clear and in line with Ehsan Mani's vision about Domestic Cricket, we know that our performance is not good at the international level, especially in Tests"

    "But the real problem we have is in grassroots level and that system which has been built over many many years and you dont break a system overnight"

    "So our job is to check this system, do develop schools cricket, district cricket and make our domestic structure robust"

    "I haven't looked at any strategy yet, but we should have a direction so that we can guide the staff and also speak to the media about it so first 3 months will be looking at strategy as we move forward"

    "I cannot comment on what has already happened at the PCB"

    "What I can say is that we will have a strategy for the next 5-10 years, but the work we will do now is not something that will finish in one year, this will take time"

    "What we are seeing in the system is due to years and years of decay and nobody has taken any notice of whats gone on in domestic structure"

    "What you see are seeing now [in terms of Pakistan's performances at the] international level is no surprise"

    "Ehsan Mani has already been working hard to convince international teams to come to Pakistan; We want to bring Test cricket back to Pakistan and we want teams to be playing in Pakistan"

    "We need to make sure that whatever security concerns those international teams have, we need to close those gaps"

    "Pakistan is now ready to host international cricket and we are starved of international cricket"

    "We need our youngsters to see our heroes playing here and not in the UAE or other parts of the world"

    "I am going to Bangalore to discuss this issue with the World Cricket committee in March"

    "There are political issues with clubs and I know how the voting system works at these club level"

    Playing India : "Its a massive challenge and I dont think we will have a solution soon"

    "We need to have some pride also when it comes to playing with India, we need to get to point when they will ask us to play them"

    "Life goes on and its sad that we are not playing India but we need to carry on and move forward"
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