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    "We need to get to the point where India will ask us to play them" : PCB MD Wasim Khan

    Playing India : "Its a massive challenge and I dont think we will have a solution soon"

    "We need to have some pride also when it comes to playing with India, we need to get to point when they will ask us to play them"

    "Life goes on and its sad that we are not playing India but we need to carry on and move forward"
    So this is new way to creating headlines.Mr.Khan just do it , no need to give statements which have no purpose other than gaining media attention.

    PCB needs BCCI not the other way around.It won't be changing anytime soon.What is difference between you and other headline mongers.

    India never stopped Pakistan or PCB from doing anything.This notion of BCCI running towards PCB if Pakistan becomes a top three team is wrong.
    India is not playing Pakistan for reasons which are know to everyone.

    Good luck looking inwards and best of luck in making Pakistan top three team.
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