So with the PSL making some profit and being relatively established by by now. Should we consider the possibility of creating a farm system for upcoming talent by introducing U-21 youth teams for the PSL franchises?

This might seem over the top but the PCB and the PSL franchises must realize the value of investing in youth talent for the future!

I would suggest the PSL franchisees should hire scouting coaches and scout all over the world to find exciting and high potential under 21 players and look to rope them in for long term contracts with the franchise. The PSL franchises must understand that this WILL eat into their profit margins but the long term value could be well worth it.

I would probably setup a small U-21 tournament with the PSL franchises right before the actual PSL to judge talent and perhaps use that as a basis to sign up players with the senior team if they are ready.

Not only will we unearth top talent around the world that will hopefully remain loyal to the PSL for investing in them but also provide a boost to our domestic youth players who would learn a lot with foreign coaches and players.

No T20 league currently does this so we should be the beaters of this concept