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    "No reason to say sorry. We didn't come home with 2-4 points, we had 11 points" : Sarfaraz Ahmed

    "The way we came back in the last 4 games was outstanding"

    "Unfortunately we couldn't qualify for the semis, we accept that we didn't perform well in the initial games but the last 4 games were outstanding. We didn't qualify due to NRR"

    "As a team, we performed well. All the players, seniors and juniors all played their roles and I am happy with everyone. I would like to thank the coaching staff for all their hard work"

    "After the India match, it was a tough time for us but Mickey Arthur and the team management kept the team together"

    "We had a tough time in London after the India match. Not only the incident with me, there were other incidents as well which we did report. This was a very tough time"

    "We had NRR in our minds and we tried to win matches by good margins when possible. But towards the end, the pitches changed and you couldn't really play fast cricket on them. We had a few matches finish in the death overs"

    "When you play poorly, there is criticism and we played poorly in the first few games. But as long as criticism is on cricket, it's fine. Unfortunately after the India game, a lot of things happened that hurt the players mentally. It's not like we weren't hurt by the loss, we were hurt just as much as all followers of the Pakistan team"

    "Some incidents came to be known but some things aren't known to the public, which we reported to the management"

    "In the initial matches I was batting at my number, but when we changed the team I gave my batting position to Haris Sohail and his performances are there for all to see. I also like batting higher up the order and performing. Hafeez bhai was our senior player and I tried to make use of his experience. I wanted to make him bat at one position in the World Cup, that's what you try to do to get the maximum performance out of senior players"

    "My performances were average but all thanks to Allah, I am satisfied as a captain and as a player with my performances"

    "Decisions aren't in my hand, PCB will decide what is better for the team"

    "Inzi bhai is the Chief Selector and he was with the team for the 1st 4-5 matches. We picked the team with mutual consultation between Inzi bhai, Mickey and myself in the first 5 games. We all try to play the best team, sometimes we don't get the right results"

    "There's no truth to the speculations of a rift with Mickey Arthur"

    "Shoaib bhai was a senior player of the team, we wanted him to go out in a nice way but unfortunately he couldn't play the last match as we retained the team combination. We did what we could do for him with a team farewell for him"

    "I didn't say we can score 500 runs, I said if there is a miracle we can do it. When I went to the ground people were saying Shabash make 500, I said yes insha'Allah. I said that if there is a miracle of some kind then we can make 500 and bowl the opposition out for 100"

    "Don't make a headline saying Sarfaraz said I won't leave captaincy. It's up to the PCB, they made me the captain and going forward, they will also decide who is best for Pakistan cricket"

    "The players that we wanted were all part of the team. Besides Wahab Riaz, all the players have been part of the team in recent times. We felt the conditions were such that we needed an express bowled that's why we called him up"

    "Players try to perform, some of them do. No one wants to not perform. It's bad luck that some players who played couldn't perform"

    "I was planning to bat at #5 in the World Cup and that was the plan initially, Hafeez bhai at 4, myself at 5 and Shoaib bhai at 6. We had to change the team and the batsman we brought in was a top order batsman so I wanted to give him a proper number and I didn't want to change Hafeez bhai's number as I wanted to give him one number and get the best performances out of him. If I was concerned about my own number, I could have put Haris at 6 but I knew he is a good player and that he will perform well higher up the order. I didn't think about myself, I thought about the team and Haris' performances are there for you to see"

    "We took Hasnain because he could bowl fast. In the playing XI we initially went with senior bowlers, Hasan, Wahab and Amir. Hasan played the first 5 games, he didn't take wickets but he kept working hard. The good thing about him is that he gives his full effort. After that, Shaheen Shah Afridi replaced him and we saw his performances. We tried to not change the bowling too much, it was Hasnain's bad luck that he couldn't play. In one match, we played 4 pacers against Australia but we couldn't do that in any of the other games"

    "I promote Hasan and Wahab when 3-4 overs are left, I don't send them to bat for 10-15 overs above myself"

    "There is no reason to say sorry. We worked hard. We didn't come back home with 2-4 points, we had 11 points. OK, we didn't perform well in the first 5 games which we accept, but the performance wasn't as bad as some people are making it out to be"

    "Most of the players in the team are quite young, there's no seniors besides Hafeez bhai and Shoaib bhai. If I get the chance, we will look to the upcoming assignments like the T20 World Cup, we have a good T20 team but we can improve on it further. We need to induct some players who can play better according to T20s"

    "We tried to not make too many changes in the team. Fakhar in some matches started well, sometimes he didn't. Fakhar is one of our best players, good and bad times come for everyone. He was in form in the England series and he tried his best and he's still one of our best players"

    "I don't know the details of the new domestic cricket system. With the old system, we won in 92, 2009, 2017, became the #1 Test team, and we are the #1 T20I team"

    "It's good that the number of teams in 4 day cricket is reduced, 6 teams is good, maybe 2 more teams would be even better. I have heard there are 16 teams in One Day and T20. In 4 day cricket, if there are few teams then there will be more quality. But if there's 2 more teams, it can be even better. 4 day cricket should be all about quality, players are made and polished in Test cricket. There's many examples of players who were polished in 4 day cricket and who went on to perform in all formats. My point of view is that more quality in 4 day cricket will lead to better quality of players"

    "After the India match, we took 2 days off. Then before practice, I had a meeting with the 15 players alone. I told them that the coaching staff is doing their best and preparing us adequately but as a team, we're making some mistakes due to which we are falling short. We spoke quite a bit, everyone gave their opinions. We wanted to put the past results behind and focus ont he upcoming matches. I want to give credit to the boys for their response and for the way they fought back. We won the matches due to team performances. 10-15 runs were even vital. Shadab's 10 runs against Afghanistan were also vital, compared to Imad and Wahab's innings"

    "We wanted Asif Ali to play as late in the innings as possible. We wanted to play him at #7 but against Afghanistan, we wanted to play 5 bowlers due to the conditions so we couldn't play him"

    "There were many incidents that happened, not just the one with me. There were incidents with the other players in malls, lots of things happened. On the ground as well, things happened and we reported all these incidents. I am thankful to all the fans who came to support us, it was amazing. Outside Pakistan, we got so much support at many of the grounds with a majority Pakistan support"

    In response to a question about whether India may have deliberately lost to England, Sarfaraz said "Naheen Yar aisee koyee baat naheen hai" [No, this is not the case"]
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