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    "SL want to come to Pakistan, they are just waiting for final clearance from their govt": Ehsan Mani

    Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ehsan Mani allayed concerns that the Sri Lankan team would back out from the forthcoming tour a day after Sri Lanka Cricket reported receiving "warnings" of a terror bid, saying that the team have "committed to coming here".

    "Our discussions with the Sri Lankan board are ongoing. There has been no negative feedback from them; they are just speaking with [their] government for final clearance. They have not told us any more than this," said the PCB chairman on Friday during a press conference.

    "And they have not at all said they won't come. So we have complete confidence they will come and God-willing all matches will take place in Pakistan," said Mani.

    "As far as speculation that they are sending a "second strength" team is concerned, team selection is a home team prerogative. For me, what matters is that international matches are taking place in Pakistan. They have committed to coming here," he stressed.

    Press conference quotes:

    "We ran an internal process regarding leadership and I was given a recommendation, which I accepted, that Sarfaraz Ahmed will remain the captain for this SL series. Babar Azam will be the vice-captain. We need to groom players for these roles for future. He will also lead the Central Punjab side and has captained Pakistan U19 in the past"

    "We are having discussions with the SL board, we haven't heard anything negative from their side. They want to come, they are just waiting for final clearance from their govt. They haven't said at all that they won't come. I am hopeful that they will come and all the matches will be in Pakistan. Sri Lanka have committed to touring Pakistan"

    "There is speculation that they have sent an under-strength. The team they select is their prerogative. What's important for me is that there are international cricket matches being held in Pakistan"

    "We are very clear that we want to host the matches here. We don't have time to host the series anywhere else. We can't shift the series at this point, lots of work is required to host a series. Our default position is that Pakistan is our home venue and all Pakistan matches will be hosted here"

    "Our focus was on white-ball cricket now because we have these series coming up. When we tour Australia for red-ball series, Misbah, Wasim Khan etc. will give me their recommendations then"

    "Decision about the manager has been taken, we will announce it shortly. Misbah is currently also the batting coach, he will decide if he needs another coach alongside him down the line"

    "Babar has been made VC for this series. He will also be involved in the team management and the decision-making so we'll see how they settle down and perform. He has the potential of being one of the greatest batsmen in world cricket. Now we will see how he handles responsibilities"

    "If you come to our office, we get around 5 writs weekly. No one wants change, everyone wants things to continue as they are. Saying that something shouldn't happen because it hasn't been tried before - What have NZ been doing for the past few years? They have a similar system (for coaching and selection). Now they are one of the best teams, one of the most competitive and performance based teams and that's what I want for Pakistan cricket"

    "Sharjeel Khan has been out of FC cricket for a while. If he comes back and performs well, there shouldn't be any problems for him"

    "Every team has the right to choose their own squad. You have seen the SL squad's attitude, that the players who didn't want to tour Pakistan weren't allowed to play in CPL. So the message is clear, you play for SL or you won't play anywhere else"

    "There will be 6 coaches watching each match of FC cricket, they will work with Misbah for the selection. So it's unlikely that all 6 coaches unfairly favour one player"

    "We are planning to have online scoring and recordings of performances. The system must be merit based"

    "U19 cricket will be regularly held in the new system. In trials, sometimes players are slipped in or left out but when you have regular cricket, then good performers' performances will be visible and there will be transparency"
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    Good to hear that.

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