Was playing pool with a few friends last night and we got discussing which was more difficult:

10 [Ten] 147 Breaks in Snooker


100 First Class centuries in Cricket

Ronnie O'Sullivan & Hendry have 10+ 147 breaks, with Ronnie at top with 15. These 2 players are the only 2 to break the 10 mark! When it comes to 100 centuries, then Viv, Boycott, Ramprakash, Tendulkar, all have 100 First Class centuries.

There have only ever been 153 maximum 147 breaks in the entire history of Snooker, compared with the untold number of centuries in Cricket.

Both are massive achievements, but I feel the 147 Maximum in Snooker is tougher than scoring a century in Cricket because not only is the player in complete control and responsible for every aspect in the 147, but the player does not rely or capitalize on a mistake by the opponent! Every single shot has to be perfect!