Shane Watson speaking to the press

"The PSL event was brilliant but sadly due to world events, crowds have not been allowed in and things have changed a little bit"

"My experience is that its incredible to be part of the first PSL which is played totally in Pakistan"

"All the ground we went to, the crowds have been absolutely phenomenal and its been really special to be part of this event"

"We (Quetta Gladiators) have been off at times, and when this happens when you are playing in tournament with world-class players and you are slightly off as a team or individuals you get exposed"

"Playing against fast-bowlers in the PSL is as challenging as any other part of the world"

"At the moment, you have Babar Azam who is a quality player; He is fairly low risk with what he does and scores a lot of T20 runs which is one of the reasons why he is such a world-class batsman"

"There is plenty of power going around [as you can see] with Azam Khan and some of the innings he played in the PSL"

"To have the love and support that I have had got here is very special and this is one of the reasons I have had such an awesome time here"

"I am 38 and coming on to 39 and its about working throught what my next phase of life is gonna be"

"The travel was challenging and has been a great learning curve for everyone"

"Everyone's got their own decision based on whats going on in their lives, family etc so its not my place to judge at all and I will talk from my own experience; This is an amazing opportunity that I had to play in such a great tournament, if I get the Coronavirus, then I will be going home and relaxing for 14 days in my house which is fine and part and parcel of what I love doing, so for me (to stay in Pakistan) is a no-brainer"

"I walked to face Shoaib Akhtar on my 21st birthday and said to myself, I am on national TV - and I could die here!