Ever since Adam Gilchrist happened value of a specialist wicket keeper has diminished so so much that even guys like Kamran Akmal and Rishabh Pant who were horrible keepers got to play a lot of international cricket ahead of many otherwise natural keepers from their respective countries.

The standard of keeping has gone down drastically.

To think of it for a while, most of the last class of great keepers of every country belong to the 1990s era, ever since Gilchirst most countries have had very average keepers who are nowhere near the best from their countries

For this specialist job, my verdict is that Gilchrist has been a curse.

This must for many people a shocker because Gilchrist is considered to have revolutionized keeping but I claim otherwise

What has Gilchrist revolutionized really? It wasn't that the game lacked great batsmen, it had plenty, it has plenty and it would continue to have plenty.

What the game lacks ever since Gilchrist happened, is great specialist wicket keepers. It's an extinct breed now because of one man.