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    May 2013
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    Last of Us 2 has a 4.4 rating on Metacritic - why so much hate?

    Last of Us 2 has really divided critics and general gamers...
    Thankfully I agree with the critics...a fantastic sequel and a thought provoking storyline...
    How it’s got a 4.4 on Metacritic was beyond me...
    But then I read the reviews: SPOILERS

    You have those who are simply sad that Joel died and in fact felt disgusted as having to play as the character who murdered him ...personal opinion is his death was of course pivotal to the plot ...the whole story is about vengeance and the futility of it...yet people give it a 0/10 because their favourite character dies early...

    Some didn’t like Abbie’s character mainly for the reason above...I personally rooted for her character ...thought the protagonist change was very effective and showed the grey that exists...she goes from being the bad guy to grey...you understand her reasons for killing Joel...and this makes you view your earlier kills differently ...this was criticised by users saying it made them feel guilty...

    So you have fan boys, over sensitive ppl ...then you have the myriad of bigots ...the buzzword was ‘pandering’...which is users showing their fury at a games with two female leads, a lesbian lead, a character struggling with their gender, and some were simply offended by how racially diverse the characters are...

    Then there’s the animal rights crowd ...who seem to have no problem playing as a character who kills hundreds of humans and zombies but take offence at killing dogs ...

    Glad I ignored the naysayers...would have missed out on a super game otherwise...
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    Oct 2013
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    Thought it was a great game, and I actually preferred playing as Abby over Ellie and also rooted for her more.

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