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    PPCL (Pre-Draft Season 2) | Trade Thirki

    All trades MUST be negotiated and finalised in this thread.

    Any trades negotiated outside of this thread will not be accepted.

    Pre-Draft trades allows each team to exchange players and restructure their teams ahead of the Season 2 Players Draft.

    The Team Captain, New Team Captain and the individual player (who wants to move to another team) can mutually agree to trade to another team if they wish, whether it be a personal decision or a decision to benefit the team. If anyone of them doesn't agree to the trade to happen then trade won't be going ahead.

    If captain wishes to trade himself to another team in that case he and his new team captain can mutually agree to player to player trade, in return the new team captain MUST give away a semi-active player to his former team.

    Note: Semi-active player permission won't be required. Both trade players MUST retained by their respective teams ahead of drafts.

    So let's the negotiations begins!

    The deadline to make any trades is Friday, 14th August, 2020 at 23:59 GMT.

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    I am fairly sure Hawks are interested in a few members from the Assassins current squad.

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