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You're like the Pakistani version of Rudi Guiliani.
I.e throw as much made up stuff as you can hoping that something sticks.

Once again I ask you to stop peddling fictional stuff.

JT has not been convicted of any crimes or financial irregularities. He has stated this and until it is proven then stop peddling lies.

Extending Bajwa's stay was not unconstitutional was carried out within the laws.
This but hurts the corrupt Nooras and PPP mafia loyalists. They reach out to generals hoping that money can get them out of whole so hats off to IK for extending the tenure of someone who has his back.
Do you really believe that JKT is innocent? Surely you don’t. You are just in denial because you cannot explain why it was justified for Imran to use him as his election campaign financier.

This is what happens when you worship a leader - you are obliged to defer him at every cost and for you, the cost is to defend JKT even though you know the truth.

And fore the record, Jahangir Tareen was disqualified by the Supreme Court in January 2018 under article 62 for hiding assets and lying to the court.

That is why he was barred from holding public office, otherwise the plan was for Imran to hand this fraud the chief ministry of Punjab.

Moreover, in spite of being disqualified by the Supreme Court, he remained a close ally and was part of PTI meetings. During the May 2018 elections, he was racing across the country from north to south to buy the loyalties of independent candidates with his black money.

His relationship with Imran has strained in recent times because he does not see eye to eye with the fake pir Shah Mehmood Qureshi who is currently a key asset of Imran Khan.

Now as far as Bajwa is concerned. I will ask again - why did Bajwa demand an extension instead of retiring with grace and dignity? What would have happened if he followed the constitution instead of demanding an amendment?

In 2010, when COAS Kayani got an extension during PPP government, Imran made a lot of noise and stated that when you give generals extensions, you strengthen individuals and weaken the system. He also stated that generals did not get extensions even during WWII.

If you want to say that Imran was not happy with the extension and didn’t agree with it but didn’t have the courage to take a stand, I might agree with you actually.

After all, Bajwa’s malacca cane was enough to remind Imran who holds the real power.