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    Shahid Afridi:

    "Azam Khan is also a good cricketer and Pakistan does not have a hard-hitting batsman like him who plays at that position in the batting line-up, and if he pays a little attention to his fitness then he can play for Pakistan"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Savak View Post
    It appears that the PCB has lost faith in the likes of Sharjeel and Azam Khan being mature responsible adults who can be trusted to put in the work to lose weight, get fitter on their own and now want to personally baby sit, monitor them their selves to ensure that they are working actively to get fitter
    More than the work they need to put in OR any training regime they undertake OR whatever PCB is facilitating in order to get them into the national squad... more than all that, the biggest priority is their calorie intake.

    The reason Azam and Sharjeel are still very fat is because they continue eat a lot daily. Training will do little if they keep eating twice or thrice the carbs & fat most cricketers eat. The extra training will simply be detrimental as their joints, back etc take a pounding.

    Also supporters need to stop this nonsense about being fat helping them to hit far... aFAT Lie!

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