Fakhar Zaman speaking to the media:

"I am very confident about playing in T20Is as well, because if you look at the innings I have played in South Africa so far, I have played some big shots; Yes, I haven't scored a lot in T20s for a while, and even PSL hadn't gone too well before but in PSL 6 my performance has been very good so far; Based upon how much hard-work I have put in, I hope to show better performances in T20s, ODIs and Tests as well"

"Babar Azam has great leadership abilities, and if you have a captain who is a top-performer himself then the body language of the team becomes more positive"

"Babar's presence on the ground has a good impact on each player and in the dressing room, and treats everyone with great respect"

"His performances are no secret to anyone and its a great feeling to be at the crease alongside him, especially when you look at the way he makes cricket so simple"

"I gain great confidence whenever I have a partnership with Babar Azam"

"There can be no one player who hasn't faced a tough time in his career, and it is from stages in your career that you learn the most"

"I always wanted some time off from cricket when I could work on my game; the break in cricket due to Covid-19 allowed me to work on my game and the idea was to work hard and leave it at that; People criticize you regardless of whether you do well or not; My view is that you get stronger when you learn from criticism"

"When you score runs in tough conditions then that really increases your confidence and I will look to use this confidence in the T20I series"

"I have played enough to know a few things about the game but am sorry that I still havent been able to meet the high-standards of those ex-cricketers who criticize me but I will work hard, and perform well so that even they will say that my innings aren't flukes"

"I have said before that the fault was mine (QdK run out) and I can say that we have even worst scenarios in practice and domestic games; To say that I was out on 193 because of QdK's action would be just an excuse and not appropriate, especially at this level of cricket; So what Wasim Akram and Javed Miandad said was right and it was my fault, I should not have been looking back; To be honest, I wasn't thinking about scoring 200, all I was doing was praying to the Almighty that please let us win this game"

"I have been playing alongside Imam for a while and we used to play in the Habib Bank side; I have a good understanding with Imam and I know that he is an excellent player in the way he reads the wicket - there arent too many players which I have seen who can do this"

"Sharjeel Khan is one of my favourite cricketers, so it will be great to play alongside him"

"I have always been associated with the Pakistan Navy, even before becoming a cricketer; It was a great honour to be awarded the rank of Honorary Lieutenant in the Pakistan Navy and this is only something a soldier can understand; And after being given that rank, I thought that since I have been honoured in this way, I need to fulfil the expectations of that rank and this honour really changed my mindset"

"I used to be called 'Fakhr-e-Pakistan' (honour of Pakistan) but you all made me Fakhar Zaman again! But I am glad you called me Fakhr-e-Pakistan again"

"I have said this many times to Mohammad Hafeez that I have not seen too many cricket players who are fighters; I have seen him from close quarters in the past 5 years or so, and I know that it's not just me but Hafeez will help out if any junior cricketer needs help out; He feels that this is his duty to help out; To be honest the bat with which I made runs was also gifted to me by Hafeez; He supports juniors a lot and one cannot praise him enough for that"

"The title given to him (Professor) is something he deserves based upon the way he guides junior players and is something all seniors should do"

"In PSL he helped me in the nets but also in actual games, when I was batting next to him, he made cricket so easy by playing like that at the other end as he did in the game against Quetta Gladiators"