"Playing spin is not a problem as Asian players play spin very well" : Babar Azam

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    "Playing spin is not a problem as Asian players play spin very well" : Babar Azam

    Babar Azam speaking at the end of the 3rd T20I:

    "The team fought to the end but I feel that we were short by 10-15 runs due to which we are a little behind in this game; Also we couldn't get anyone else to create a good partnership with Rizwan and if that happened, the result could have been a different one; Our bowlers did put in a good effort and when you do that it increases my confidence in this side, regardless of the result; All our bowlers bowled outstandingly well today"

    "We performed very well in the 1st T20I but unfortunately we couldn't carry on in that way in the next game; We tend to lose wickets quickly which put pressure on our us - this is something we need to improve upon as good teams will not allow you a way back if you make such mistakes; We will need to learn to take a little time on settle ourselves whenever a wicket falls; Hopefully this will not happen in the next series"

    "We have chased and set targets many times in the past so there is no logic in saying that we don't know how to go about this and have lost games due to that or we lost because we played one batsman or bowler less; You lose due to small mistakes and not because you didn't play a certain player in your team"

    "Playing spin is not a problem as Asian players play spin very well; The problem is that when quick wickets fall, that puts pressure on the team and we need to cut down on such mistakes; We had partnership between Fakhar and Rizwan but no other partnership was constructed after that; The spinners bowled well and got wickets against us although you can say that there were one or 2 bad shots played by us"

    "We aimed to get 150-170 as the wicket was a little slow and I am very happy that spinners and Hassan Ali bowled so well and others also did the role they were asked to perform"

    "Rizwan is in great form as is Fakhar Zaman so we intend to carry on with this; Our fielding is improving day by day, and our bowling made a great comeback today and we bowled well; With the T20 World Cup coming up soon, the less mistakes we make the better it will be for all of us"
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