Hey guys,
I have been researching this for a while but perhaps someone here will have actual experience.

So we play cricket with a semi-hard ball (itís lighter than official cricket ball) due to prevention of injury.

We use a flex plastic mat to cover the grass

The problem is that the bounce is extremely uneven. The issue isnít pace as most bowlers bowlers between 50-65 mph tops.

The issue is batting technique on this pitch. I have played league cricket in the past with concrete and turf pitches which typically have a consistent bounce. But this pitch is almost like a tennis ball bounce with some balls staying very low.

Any tip on technique?

The last two dismissals have been ball hitting glove from a good length where I was trying to play straight and other dismissal was I was trying to lift a wide ball outside off for 6, but it caught the outside edge of the bat and I was caught at cover.

I tried staying on Blackfoot, but then itís hard to
Play straight shots