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    Quote Originally Posted by KingKhanWC View Post
    I think Amir was probably thinking he will only have money fights so wasnt keeping in shape on a daily basis. Now he had a pre-training camp routine in Dubai which was needed to keep up the hard training he is doing with BoMac.

    I agree with the rest.

    Khan mentions Bomac has a great plan for the fight. What plan do you think would work best for Khan v Brook? Brook is a slow starter, so perhaps take a risk and go for it early?
    I had a think about this one and was also looking at Amir's recent performances against Crawford and Vargas, I might have a better view after weigh in. But as things stand, I think Amir's best shot is to target a stoppage victory around the mid way point or so but not force it, I say that because am not sure if his conditioning will hold up to the end even though he has rarely been stopped late.

    Ignoring the conditioning side of things, Amir needs to keep his composure, avoid standing in the pocket and box at long rage, he can't afford to hold his feet and needs to keep his concentration until the final bell of each round (notice his fight I watched against Vargas in Brum, he was dropped / hurt numerous times towards the end of a round when he tired a bit and decided to hold his feet). He also needs to keep his left hand a bit higher then normal (he notoriously has kept this low throughout his career and it's a problem).

    Amir has a fantastic jab one of the best I've seen and he needs to utilise it more, he doesn't have the best footwork but can circle fighters, he needs to do that and double up his jab. Amir always mocks about beating Kell with one hand in the amateurs and I think he needs to use his jab predominately in this fight and target Kell's body to, utilise single shots steadily, keep out of range and then double up the jab, there's all this talk of Amir's speed vs Kell's timing, Amir needs to time Kell. Jabbing to the body will take away Kell's mobility and force him to lower his hands, Amir doesn't need to go for the kill immediately but be patient, his biggest challenge will be how he responds when he is hurt, his instinct is to attack right away but he can't afford to do that.

    Don't hold the feet, box at range, use his jab and single shots at range predominately early on, calm down and ride the way of Kell's flurries if they come and don't engage, target Kell's body and keel his left hand up. That would be the best plan for him and then look to counter when Kell loses some patience and opens up exposing his eyes.

    He could go all out from bell one but too much risk. I think Bo-Mac could be trying to implement something similar by trying to instil some patience in Khan and riding the wave of Kell's flurry before looking to time him.

    Ah, so this is what it feels like

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    Amir Khan has revealed when he will retire from boxing.

    He is currently preparing to face longtime rival Kell Brook on February 19, 2022, at a sold-out AO Arena in Manchester.

    Khan has now said that the bout against Brook will be his last. But he promised to go out on a high.

    The 35-year-old said: “I leave it to God to decide which round I knock Kell Brook out.

    “I am going to win the fight 100 per cent.

    “People ask me what I’m doing after this fight. I’m done, man.”

    Once he retires, Amir Khan will go down as one of Britain’s most celebrated fighters. He was an Olympic silver medallist at 17 and a former unified world champion.

    While Brook never got the same recognition, he was a long-reigning IBF welterweight champion.

    And while he may have been in Khan’s shadow for parts of his career, he plans to shatter his rival’s legacy in one fight.

    Brook said: “He messed about when we got contracts over the line.

    “Now we’ve got a date, let’s make this fight happen. I want him to turn up on February 19, the best he can be.

    “The fans have been waiting too long. I’ve been waiting too long. I’m more than ready to show the world that I’m the best.

    “After this fight, Amir will be a mere memory.”

    Brook’s best night came in 2014 when defeated Shawn Porter for the title in California.

    However, Brook also suffered brutal defeats to Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence Jr.

    But with his dream fight on the horizon, this is the one he believes will define his career.

    Brook continued: “I’m putting myself through hell. People will remember me by this fight.

    “It took years for this grudge match to finally get here. The fans have been waiting for this fight for a long time.”

    Amir Khan and Kell Brook have gone back-and-forth for many years and this was on show during their first press conference.

    It got off to a fiery start, with the pair going nose-to-nose during their face-off, forcing security to separate the two.

    Brook explained why he dislikes Khan:

    “He’s never given me respect, acknowledged me.

    “He’s always run away and it’s come to this part of his career when there’s nowhere else for him to run. This is the biggest fight out there for him.

    “It’s been frustrating for me, I’ve wanted this for many years.”

    Khan had responded:

    “I’ve never ran from him, never needed to, what I’ve achieved in sport speaks for itself, but we’re here now.

    “At the end of the day, the talk he’s been giving, February 19, he needs to back them words up.”

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saj View Post
    Kell Brook believes that Amir Khan has "messed about" during the build-up to their fight and is now sounding "negative" in his new training camp.

    Brook and Khan's 17-year rivalry will finally be settled in Manchester on February 19, live on Sky Sports Box Office, in one of the best all-British fights available.

    While Khan has been running in the snow in the Colorado mountains alongside his new trainer Brian 'BoMac' McIntyre and his former opponent Terence Crawford, Brook has been in the Fuerteventura sunshine.

    Brook told Sky Sports that he senses weakness in Khan: "Amir is mentioning that he's got niggles. He's putting it out there that he's negative.

    "I want to tell Khan: The fans have been waiting for years for this fight.

    "I will turn up even if I've got two broken hands."

    Khan had told Sky Sports last week: "We all have injuries, all sportsmen and women at the elite level. I've got pains and injuries but I have to overcome them."

    Brook continued: "He messed about when we got contracts over the line.

    "Now we've got a date, let's make this fight happen. I want him to turn up on February 19, the best he can be.

    "The fans have been waiting too long. I've been waiting too long.

    "I'm more than ready to show the world that I'm the best.

    "After this fight, Amir will be a mere memory."

    Both Khan and Brook have fallen short in world title challenges against undefeated pound-for-pound sensation Crawford, whose trainer McIntyre is now in Khan's corner.

    "After seeing what Crawford did to Kell," McIntyre said, "I believe that Amir can do the same thing."

    Brook hit back: "I don't believe so.

    "Amir keeps banging on about his trainer and having world champions in his camp.

    "Dominic Ingle, my trainer, has known me since I was teenager. He knows me inside-out. He knows when to push me, when not to push me, when I need a rest.

    "Amir said he hasn't had a day off in a month.

    "A rest is as good as a hard training session. The body needs to recover. His trainer has never worked with him - he doesn't know how to push Amir.

    "We have no excuses."

    Brook rejected Khan's accusation that he is "bitter", saying: "It's just talk. If he wants to believe it, let him carry on.

    "He's in a fairy world. He loves the media. That's what he's about.

    "I tie these gloves on, not for the flash of the cameras, but to become the world champion and the best in my sport."

    Khan has been training at altitude in the US while Brook has been in the familiar territory of the Canary Islands, the scene of many of his training camps - cycling between the gym and his villa and recuperating by the swimming pool.

    Brook warned: "I'm putting myself through hell.

    "People will remember me by this fight. It took years for this grudge match to finally get here.

    "The fans have been waiting for this fight for a long time."

    BOXXER promoter Ben Shalom has revealed that Khan and Brook will be hit by a six-figure fine for every pound that they weigh above the contracted weight of 149lbs.

    "I have always made weight," Brook insisted.

    "I gave myself the opportunity to get away from Sheffield, away from the distractions, to take pressure away.

    "I make the weight healthily. Everything is bang on track."

    It would have been a good thing if Hearns invested some of that media training he used on AJ on Kell because he came across as a colossal idiot, he couldn’t comprehend the jibes from the presenter about where he is holding his fight camp and even worse, implied Amir should show up to fight him even if he has Covid

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